WhatsApp might soon add Quick Media Editing


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WhatsApp has today released an update for the WhatsApp Beta app on iOS. The new update brings a few key changes to the iOS application. To start with, WhatsApp has removed the option to save someone’s profile picture. The feature was removed from the Android version of the app sometime back. Other than that, the beta app on iOS is getting a new feature, Quick Media Editing.

With this new feature, the beta testers on iOS will be able to edit or note something on the media file before they send the file. It is worth noting that, the new Quick Media Editing is not the same as already the already present media annotation. The already existing media annotation comes up when you select a file from the gallery. It also comes up while you take a photo using the WhatsApp camera.

WhatsApp Multi-Platform System


Other than these changes there is more news regarding the development of the application. As per the reports of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing a multi-platform system that will allow people to use their accounts simultaneously across multiple platforms. This will help people to use the same WhatsApp account from multiple devices. Also, people who are using an iPad will like this feature as it will allow them to use the instant messaging service without any third-party apps.

Furthermore, the new WhatsApp multiplatform system will allow the users to use the app without pairing their device with the WhatsApp web. This will help users skip the annoying pairing process by using the QR codes. According to WABetaInfo, the feature is currently in development phase. However, there is no ETA yet. That means there is no expected time frame of adding this feature in beta builds or production builds. Even if we consider the report as true even then it will take a long time before the feature launches for the public.


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