Why People with Autism are Hot Hires for Artificial Intelligence Jobs?


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Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. People with autism are not much socially interactive. Besides that, their communication skills are also not up to the mark.

However, some of their qualities do make them a suitable hire for Artificial Intelligence Jobs. AI Jobs require a person to be hyper-focus as well as being highly analytical thinkers. Further, the employees are supposed to work for longer durations in these jobs.

People with Autism possess all of these qualities. They can work a longer duration on repetitive tasks such as labling of photos as well as videos for computer-vision systems. Moreover, they also possess a high ability to recognize patterns and give logical reasoning. Hence, they can develop systematic AI models and test them.

Which organizations are hiring people with Autism?

Many globally well-known organizations such as Ernst & Young LLP, Dell Technologies Inc., Credit Suisse Group AG, DXC Technology Co., Microsoft Corporation, etc. are hiring employees with Autism. On the other hand, Ernst & Young is also engaging with the Fortune 500 Companies to hire Autistic people through their neurodiversity programs.

Marcia Scheiner, President of Integrate Autism Employment Advisors says,

“Autistic individuals really are a solution for employers who are looking for highly skilled analytical individuals for certain jobs.”

Integrate Autism Employment Advisors is a non-profit NGO running programs for training Autistic people. Right now, 40 – 50 companies in the US are part of this program. 

However, there are certain issues also while hiring autistic people. Such that, they’re socially awkward and doesn’t mix up well with people. Therefore, they are required to make some adjustments.

If you’re an entrepreneur, would you hire a person with Autism? Share your thoughts.