Women Went Viral On Social Media For Having Melodious Vocal Similar As Lata Mangeshkar


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India is a country where there is no end of talent. Starting from slum areas to richest bungalows, at least one person is there in a family who is having a hidden talent but not able to get a right platform or opportunity to showcase it.

Just a week ago, a video of woman boosted the usage of social media because her voice was so mesmerizing that people started sharing it on their news feeds and stories. In the video, a woman is seen singing the legendry song sung by a legend Lata Mangeshkar Ji, “Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai”, on the West Bengal railway station. The video spread all over the social media like fire after it got published on a page name “BarpetaTown The place of peace”.

And this video got 4 million views within a few hours of getting published on social media. When the famous news channel NDTV dug deeper into finding out who she was, they came to know that the name of that woman is Ranu Mondal. This news got confirmed when Krishaan Das Zubu who is the owner of this page himself confirmed that it is true.

Now, after getting millions of views, the lady got a golden chance to say thanks to the people who loved her voice and got a makeover in which she is looking beautiful. We hope that she will get a good platform where more people can recognize her and get a chance to meet her. God has gifted her a beautiful voice she just needs a chance to let the audience listen to her voice so that she can fulfill all her dreams.

We hope and wish her the best of luck for the upcoming path on which she is going to walk, may it be full of happiness and success.


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